Saturday, September 01, 2007

Elaine goes to India

Over at the WFMU blog they posted a mashup of "Jan Penechaan Ho" from the Bollywood movie Gumnaam and a Les Claypool ditty.

I decided to try my hand at a mashup with Blur's "Crazy Beat!" Damon Albarn, of course sings he vocals for Mohammed Rafi, in my version. This substitution is perfectly acceptable in Bollywood convention since playback singers such as Rafi were rather common. Think of it as early mashup.

As for the video as a whole, initially, my eye was caught by the whacked out dancing of the actress in gold in "Jan Penechaan Ho" and how much it reminded me of Elaine's dancing on Seinfeld. Remember that?

Go visit Blur and Albarn's website and buy lots of their music. Go buy Gumnaam while you're at it. Pick up some Rafi tunes too. I consider this post an unofficial advertisement and a statement of admiration for their creative work, and make no claims to it other than mixing it all around in a hopefully entertaining fashion that might inspire you to buy things from them, or, if they are dead, their official representatives.


  1. Really cool version. Only you could see the cross-cultural connection of Seinfeld and Bollywood. All I see is where Tarantino got his inspiration for the Crazy 88. Who are the guys in the Bollywood flick? The Suave 69?

  2. Tarantino is probably more familiar with Hong Kong fight movies, but India is not to far from Hong Kong. I think the pan-Asian influence is clear.