Thursday, September 27, 2007

The D40 rejected from yet another concert

So the Justice League plus Derek and ever beautiful Melinda (sorry no proper nicknames yet) ventured south of the border (aka Utah County in what can only be an Salt Lake City thing) to go see the oddly situated Arcade Fire and LCD Sound System at, god protect me, Thanksgiving Point (TgP), located at the north end of the happiness that is happy valley Utah where everyone is numbed by 1) prozac and 2) religious bigotry and intolerance.

After a fucking long wait where the zealous TgP renta-cops engaged in cavity searches for contraband like coffee and--horror or horrors--alcohol, I was told, yet again, that my camera was "too professional."

I could have argued about all the great free fucking advertising their pastiche venue would receive by my posting pictures on the Internet, but all I managed was "so it is a problem that I take pictures of my friends enjoying the concert?"

Ah the walk of pride (or is that anger?) I have taking my camera, yet again, back to the car.

TgP is going to get one hell of a letter tomorrow. Lucky for them the Arcade Fire show was so good, I feel somewhat molified.

I am getting really tired of twats telling me I cannot take pictures of events that I have paid good money to see. Let's take the slippery slope here: are they going to feed me a drug so that I forget everything I experience next?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

There you've forgotten it already, haven't you?

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