Sunday, September 16, 2007

Red Rocks

Red Rocks, originally uploaded by Theorris.

My camera was not allowed in the festival given that it was too large. Funny how I saw other non-media folks carrying even large cameras around. Totally assenine. All the pictures I could take inside the venue were of the lowrez phone camera kind. They are over at flickr.

I feel like writing the Monolith organizers a nice tasty letter for their stupid policies. Friend Hopabout's acceptably-sized camera is 10 megapixel and takes great images. Mine, while it also takes great images, is 6.8 megapixel. I dare anyone there to explain to me why one camera is ok and another is not given both can take images that could be sold.

Catlinlap has full resolution pictures he took with his acceptable camera as well.


  1. Wait--what was the festival (I know I should know this . . . )? annoying about the camera--that's the kind of thing that makes me feel so angry that it can ruin the whole thing. Once, I wasn't allowed to sketch--sketch!--in a museum. It just made me FURIOUS.

  2. hey, i was there!
    hi. i came across your name over at counterintuitive's place and found this. small world.

    and, yeah, stupid policy.