Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bus stop

So I'm standing across from my abode waiting for the bus to go downtown to the Depot to see Apples in Stereo and a car suddenly pulls up. I'm thinking that it is someone visiting the grandma who lives by the bus stop, but no. Out of the car pops a regular looking joe who asks "are you a blogger?"

"Uh, yes," I reply flicking my cigarette, feeling slightly self conscious about smoking, feeling that this fine upstanding citizen does not need to see me smoking.



"I'm Capital Carnage. I recognized you from your picture."

The wookie picture? Oh wait, I've posted various pictures of my fine visage over the years, I guess.

How odd, I think, wondering about the logistics of this chance happening.

  1. A car.
  2. A person waiting for a bus.
  3. A person driving a car.
  4. Said person notices a fellow blogger.
  5. Said person pulls over.
It doesn't necessarily add up, but I'll go with the flow, particularly since I'm headed out for a night of fun on the town. I shake his hand, and he introduces himself to the other inmates of the Wilhelm. Catinlap asks him if he is going to the Depot.

"Where's the Depot?"

"Way downtown," I reply. "We're going to see a show."

"What show?"

"Apples in Stereo!" Catinlap exudes energetically. He's had a few beers and is quite loquacious.

"It is a great band," I add.

Capital Carnage laughs. I laugh. Catinlap laughs. The Croin laughs.

Capital Carnage asks my real name and shakes my hand again. It was a pleasure to meet him.

Talk about surreal moments. The Croin likes to talk about surreal moments.

I prefer talking about broccoli or some shit like that.


  1. It is surreal world in which we live, getting surreal-er by the minute.

    I was driving through a Sugarhouse neighborhood yesterday, taking my daughter to a birthday party. I glanced out my side window and saw a vaguely familiar looking house with a vaguely familiar looking dark haired person sitting on the vaguely famliliar porch with a vaguely familiar Mac laptop.

    I was a few blocks past by the time it dimly registered - "I think that was Theorris."


    A month ago I walked into the office of a company for which I do some part-time work, and a woman I'd never seen before looked up and says "You're bigbrownhouse! You won my guesswhereutah yesterday!"

  2. I apologize if I caught you off guard.

    It was quite a happenstance chance of luck for me to meet one of my blogging Icons so I had to stop.

    See, I live in St. George and just recently I began moving into my avenues apartment. I am not familiar with the SLC area, with the exception of the Capitol and the University. I was driving around, rather lost, mush to my chagrin, when my inner Solo came out, and I noticed a familiar looking Wookie. I had to pull over and say hello.

    Interesting sequence of events.

    1. Loser from St. George decides to move to SLC.
    2. He drives around campus then decides to explore the rest of the East side.
    3. Gets lost
    4. Notices three men sitting on a corner, looking cool. Very cool. I mean Mike Myers in a San Francisco Coffee House cool.
    5. Said Loser has revelation, Theorris!
    6. Said Loser turns around gets out and introduced himself.
    7. Theorris, obviously uncomfortable, wishes said loser would leave.
    8. Said loser leaves. Finally finds way home
    9. Checks blogs frequently on a Saturday night to see if encounter was recorded, because, well, his is a loser.
    10. Said Loser calculates the chances of what just happened to actually being able to happen. Roughly 1 in 2.5 million.

    It was a pleasure. You have a tremendous voice. I don’t know if it’s God given or Phillip Morris given, but you should consider pod casting you work.

    Capital Carnage

  3. This is a great story, even if made up.

  4. It was quite real, Condiment. So was Bigbrownhouses given that I was sitting out on the porch yesterday with my computer. I just purchased a new wireless router and was testing its resilience. It performed well.

    And I wasn't uncomfortable, CC. And being lost in SLC doesn't make you a loser. Hell I've been lost for a long time and I know right where I am. The whole thing was just one of those off-guard moments that, in the long run, are quite cool. The Wilhelm inmates were calling me "rock star" all night.

    I think I'm going to need to get some big sun glasses.

  5. And I know what it is like to be in a new town and not knowing anyone, CC. Welcome to SLC!

  6. My favorite part of this story--which is full of possible favorite parts, it's that good--is the part where capital carnage checks his blog to see if theorris says anything about it. I _so_ would have done that.

  7. Agreed, Hightouch.

    I feel badly that CC might feel embarrassed by the meeting. I certainly was not meaning any sarcasm in my post.

    As I said before, Welcome to SLC, CC.

    I sort of reminds me of the random meet up with Sarah of her own blog. Random. Weird.

    It just proves my old friend Belinda's statement that SLC is the smallest big city in the world.

  8. The pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the sword. Next we'll be seeing you on that David Spade Hollywood show.