Friday, April 06, 2007 - Some Christians Celebrated Palm Sunday

Oy, with a decidedly insular view, KSL informs us that Some Christians Celebrated Palm Sunday. Yes while most Christians did not? Gimme a break, KSL. It should read "Most Christians Celebrated Palm Sunday While a Small Percentage Tuned Their TVs to LDS General Conference and Went About Cleaning Their Houses or General Not-paying-attention-related-activities-but-still-the-tv-is-on-Bishop-Christiansensonson!"

At least they didn't really keep up the intentional or unintentional snootiness in the body of the story:
Christians around the world celebrated Palm Sunday today. Christians of many denominations marched through their churches throughout Utah, carrying palm fronds and singing hymns at the official beginning of the Easter week.


  1. While I agree that KSL posseses a most decidedly insular view, I'm not convinced that most Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. The traditional liturgical denominations do, but a lot of modern evangelical Christians do not. Some shun it, along with rest of the traditional calender, considering it all suspiciously papist. So even taking the LDS element out the equation, I'd read "most" as a bit of a stretch.

  2. Here we will have to disagree, BBH. The number of Roman Catholics around the world is about 1.1 billion people. To me that more than adds up to "most" Christians. My contention stands and you can just add "evangelical sects" to the list along with other quaint churches.