Saturday, April 07, 2007

Clearing the air or why I don't write about the predominant faith in Utah

I just posted this on Fiddley Gomme, Pete Dunn's entertaining blog in response to a commenter who felt the need to criticize Pete in writing about various things that most folks putting the LDS religion aside write about:

OK I won't be facetious, anonymous. Bascially what you are saying is that "ex" mormons act in a certain way. Yes, they do. It is a part of being human to act like each other and to react to a system that you put full faith in by focusing on all the things you suggest. I too am not a Mormon, given that my father is the one who had the balls to stand up to his pioneer family (yep I am a progeny of one of the orignal elite who trucked it across the very dangerous middle of America to find Nirvana in Utah) and tell them it was all rot. He was a hell of a lot tougher than me, that's for sure and put up with a lot of crap.

I know, therefore, a lot about Mormons and those who have left that church from some sort of weird second generation stand point. I too love my still "active" relatives (what a funny word to choose for people who are true believing members of your church) and I don't let that get between me and them. Unfortunately, they let it get between me and them.

I'm not even bothered by the church, as it were. I rarely think about it these days, although I know I sure did when I was growing up and feeling isolated and like some freak heathen or whatever. I don't write about Mormon shit because, ultimately, it really doesn't matter to me. It does, however, matter to Pete and many folks who have decided that the LDS religion is a bunch of bunk brought to you, as Richard Dawkins (famous British Scientist) by an "enterprisingly mendacious inventor" (see Dawkins' the God Delusion page 201).

I suppose it is about recovery. When you've been denying something for so long (sex, alcohol--you name the laundry list) of course you are going to write about it. You are also going to be writing about the people who still try to guilt-trip you into following their messed-up view of reality.

In other words, go Pete, go!

I'm still kind of stunned at my reaction to the LDS religion.

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