Sunday, April 01, 2007

Progress report

Progress report, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Everything has sprouted and is growing. The tomatoes, as you see, are doing the best. The plants will be going outside during the day when I'm home for hardening off. When I'm sure the last frost has passed (hell it just snowed last week, right?) I 'll put them in their containers. The growing will commence in earnest at that point. I expect to have parsley and cilantro by June; tomatoes and peppers by July; and eggplants by August.

(Note my expert use of the semicolon as a a comma substitute in the above sentence. As Myth Busters say, I'm an expert. Don't try this at home. Ever.)


  1. Actually there are two kinds of basil: Italian and Thai. The Thai has more anise flavor.

  2. I often engage in a euphoria of basil planting--all sorts, Thai included, the little-leafed Genovese, lemon, cinnamon, lime . . . Then, when through neglect later in the summer I have no basil in my garden, I buy copious amounts from my herb purveyor at the farmer's market and turn it into pesto for my freezer.

  3. I'm impressed. I have a brown/black thumb. Maybe this year will be different. Maybe...

  4. How's the canabis coming along

  5. What's cannabis?

    (Remember Karmaking: you may not have Homeland Security in South Korea, but we sure have it here.)

  6. Anonymous7:38 PM


    This past week of blogs. You are like, ...Bill Murray?

    Cool whatever...

    --the theologian

  7. Why Bill Murray?

    (Although I rather dig that and think it is a compliment.)