Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saddle bags

I thought I was enabled to cross off "saddle bags" from the needs list that is sufficing for my blogger description right now ( Three things I need: 1) Haircut 2) Saddle bags 3) Coffee
) but the thing I purchased the other day doesn't want to work. You see I want to get some "panniers" for my bike--saddlebags for my less-Frenchified parliance) for toting things on my bicycle. The item I purchased, however, is incompatible with itself. It is a basket that locks into place on a back rack of the bicycle. Both the rack and the basket are made by the same company, but they refuse to play nice with one another. Apparantly the company likes to change its rack size regularly in order to force customers to buying whole systems rather than just replacing componants. I would look for alternative from the same company, but I have no desire to do business with them since they treat their customers and the environment so poorly.

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