Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Do you realize?"

So I stopped by Orion Music after work to see if there is anything new or interesting. I finally bought the Iron & Wine CD (Woman King). I went to see them at Kilby Court a while back, and wasn't that impressed, but that was probably because I was blocked out of the room where they play at Kilby by the crowd of folks and had to sit outside to hear them. I keep hearing them on KRCL Drivetime and rather like them each time I hear them, so I will chalk-up my bad reaction to them to the venue.

I also found a surprise: A version of The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots that includes a DVD. I think I have all the various permutations that they produced of that album, so it made sense to get this one as well. They've had some pretty cool side projects in the past, such as their 4 (or was it 3?) disc set that to be properly listened to had to be played on 4 separate stereos simultaneously. They also fancy themselves fimmakers,and based on their over-the-top live show I'm sure the DVD is bound to be entertaining. (The $12.99 price tag also made it appealing. )

Speaking of DVDs, Beck's latest Guero apparently comes in a special DVD version as well. I bought the regulation CD a couple of weeks ago (and have been enjoying it, but not enough to pop 27 bucks on a DVD and 7 more songs.

I also found a free Morrissey sticker that reads "The World Is Full of Crashing Bores." It is stuck to my water bottle now.

I'm in the coffee shop now watching the rain pool on the brick sidewalks. I'm liking this weather lately.

A long haired guy in the corner who fancies himself a rocker tells someone on the other end of his phone conversation that he needs to do right by that woman.

A frazzled student desperately scratches out notes for a biology class he seems to have fallen hopelessly behind in.

A smoker huddles underneath the big white umbrella outside. He ogles a smoking girl who passes by.

A boy and a girl with parallel lip piercings and complimentary blue and green hair color pass by. They are holding hands and seem in love.

The barrista ignores a girl at the counter.

The girl at the counter stays quiet, clutching her dollar bill in front of her like a talisman.


  1. I just listened to some Damien Rice. It's the perfect soundtrack to your entry.

  2. I know you wrote this awhile ago, but I wanted to comment that this reminds me of a poem I gave to my students by John Ashbery called "32 Haiku"--each haiku is written in a single line. Your post could be that poem. Except for you can understand it.

    Also, I love your site, but it's so cool (I'm not just ass-kissing) that it kind of intimidates me. So that's why this is my first comment.

    And, I'm looking forward to hearing Guero.