Monday, April 18, 2005

"Put this one in the refrigerator, baby"

It is half time of the Jazz's last home game for this pretty sad season. Overall the Jazz are playing pretty much like they have all season: sketchy. I don't want to be too hard on them since they have had an injury- and conflict-plagued season. Right before the game started Larry Miller gave an impassioned enough speech for him, thanking the fans for sticking around through such a craptastic season. He stated, in effect, that the fans have stuck through the thin. Hopefully next year we'll start getting some thick again.

Ball play has been pretty sloppy for both teams, but Sacramento has left the lane open when Oster(thank the basketball gods he is no longer sucking away at the Jazz's salary cap)tag is not in. The Jazz still suck at outside defense, and that is leaving them vulnerable to Sacramento's strength.

One note of patheticness so far is that fans cheered Ostertag (a.k.a Goo) when her came in. I'm not one for fans booing former players, but this piqued me since I despise Goo for his long years of hit-and-mostly-miss lazy play while being incredibly overpaid. At the same time he had far too many run ins with both Malone, Sloan, and Miller. I still wouldn't boo him, however. What piqued me was that I've seen similar situations with far better former Jazz players and they have been roundly booed--including the likes of Malone, Byron Russell, and (what a joke) current but formerly former Jazz player Howard Eisley.

I'm not with Larry Miller on this one, I'm afraid. Fuck the fans.

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