Monday, April 18, 2005

"The kid likes to play and he wants to be out ther on the court."

Despite my rather bitchy last post, the Jazz lead the entire game and won and as Harpring said in the post-game interview "We're on a two game winning streak!" At least they're keeping it in perspective.

Anyway the Jazz have a lot going for them next year: McCloud, Humphreys, Giricek, Okur, and a healthy Kirilenko. (My apologies for any misspellings of their names.) Along with any veterans like Harpring and Eisley that stick around, they have a decent shot.

I'll be back on this whole Jazz thing on Wednesday, the last game of the season , and Hotrod Hundley's last game announcing for the Jazz. (Unless he decided to not retire afterall. I haven't paid much attention to that.) If I get the gumption, I'll write a tribute to Hotrod.

26 wins. 55 losses.

Ah well.

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