Sunday, April 24, 2005


BoingBoing has recently been posting links to odd answering machine/voice mail messages (not greetings, but messages people leave). One in particular caught my ear because it had a wicked sort of beat to it. So using Garage Band (GB) I whipped up a little remix of her complaint entitled "What the hell is the matter with people nowadays?". I have uploaded it to the Internet Archive for posting, but it has not been approved as of 12:00 noon April 24. If it doesn't receive approval, I figure out some other place to put it.

I didn't modify the woman's voice at all save for adding reverb. The beats/drums are stock in Garage Band. I would have made it longer including more of her word music (particularly where she imitates a touch-tone phone), but I did something wrong in GB and it won't let me add the whole of her track any more.

It is an AIFF file (sorry I can't figure out how to get GB or iTunes to change that format.


  1. I've listened. It's funny. Isn't GB a blast?

  2. Hey, this is Middlebrow's friend Sleepy E. My first time here. This is very funny stuff indeed. BTW, you should be able to change any files within QuickTime Player itself. Open Quicktime Player, then import the .aiff file you want to switch over, then hit export and you can save it as an mp3, mp4, wav, avi, mov, whatever...