Sunday, November 30, 2008

Science of anti-racism

Pay attention to the last little bit. As the narrator, Spencer Welles states racism is not only divisive to us all as a species but scientific untenable, or more simply put by Welles "scientifically wrong."


  1. Loved the Journey of Man. I used to show a clip of this in my Humanities course. The section where he suggest to a Navajo guy that we all come from Africa and the Navajo cites a local creation story as a counter. I wonder if there are other clips available--would be great to use in other classes.

  2. Cool I found the clip I used to play off my old vhs tap in my class. It's #12 (12/14) on YouTube. Love this bit as it demonstrates the complexities of integrating science and religion and how often race plays a role, i.e., white guy telling an indigenous fellow where he came from. This really comes out at about 6 min where the Navajo guy calls Wells on his use of the term myth. Certainly some tension but he comes around a bit as they go along.

  3. Bill Nye (The Science Guy) also has an excellent episode on race. I'll post here to SigNo.