Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fight at Church [of the Holy Sepulcher] in Jerusalem . Monks Fight

Religion is such a good thing for the world, isn't it? Jesus smiles down upon these feisty monks. They are, afterall, fighting over his final resting place. I found the section where one of them takes one of the cross standards and attempts to bean his not-so-fellow Christian particularly fitting. I suppose he is giving his brother in Christ a chance to turn the other cheek, or, in this case, the other part of his bashed-in skull.


  1. Man, it's a dark dark place these days at SigNo--Satanic NBA with a side of hellish Comcast, then the Jazz loss, then the fighting religious. In observant mode. Can't bring myself to watch the video after your explanation of it . . . At least the Jazz won last night, right?

  2. Hey long time no read your blog! I like the new look, and am just as frustrated with the hipocracy of fighting for religion.