Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jazz first loss of the season

Even without Williams, the Jazz have been playing pretty well. Given the broadcast blackout mentioned previously on SigNo and the fact that the radio feed from the Jazz web site goes down, I was forced to repair to the Garage (now the official Artlier, Snowboard DYI shop, and Jazz-listening post) to hear the game. (For whatever reason, none of the radios from within the Wilhelm proper can pick up the AM radio signal.)

The Jazz were doing fine in the first half and sounded as if they were going to run away with it. The Knicks, despite the fact that "they know nothing about defense" (Hot Rod Hundley), turned it around and ended up giving the Jazz their first loss of the season.

I didn't do my usual first game prediction for the season, as I was out of town, but I will stick by my pre-season hubris: the Jazz will make it to and have a very good shot at winning the Western Conference Finals.

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