Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vengeance is mine sayeth Red Auerbach

Game 4 of 2008 NBA finals might be one of the best Celtic games I've seen since the era of Bird. All I have to say to the cursed ABC announcers who officially called that it would be 2 and 2 at the end of this game is would you like a nice Cabernet to go with that crow you've got to eat?

Again it was all Kobe and what a great "team" player he is. Aside from a 5 minute love-fest for Odom (who admittedly did have a great first half) and a minor affair with Azira or whatever the hell his name is, the man-crush for Kobe continued amongst the ABC announcing crew. I refuse to even name them, their partisanship disgusts me so. Why was Kobe a "team" player tonight? He wasn't scoring worth shit, that's why.

Best player ever? My ass.

The consensus at the Wilhelm is that the Jazz, of course, could easily take the Celtics, despite their stellar play. It is a hard one for me, as I was a Celtics fan before the Jazz came along to Utah, and would still bleed green if you cut me at this time of year.

In the name of Bill Lambier, amen.

Note 1--another post considered while watching the game if the Lakers had pulled it off:
The Lakers have officially changed their name to the Los Angeles Kobes, at the insistence of the ABC announcers.

Note 2 to Kobe--welcome to the MVP curse, baby.

Note 3--Celtics in 5.


  1. What a game! Funny that team player Kobe lofted up like 15 misses, though he did start hitting in the 4th.

    I'm with you, I bleed green, kind of a Bird type green. My earliest and best NBA memories are watching Bird.

  2. I am out of town and only saw the last 47 seconds, but oh my goodness. Wow and wow.