Monday, June 09, 2008

Peeve of the Pet Kind: "Veggies"

I really despise the quasi-word "veggies" meaning vegetables. I literally cringe whenever I read it, and if I hear it spoken I wince noticeable. Why do I hate this word so? I think it has something to do with its saccharine cuteness. I get a sense whenever I see this word used in writing that the person is around 5 years old or is treating their* reader like a child. (Speaking of which, I really dislike it when people talk down to children cutesifying their language ad naseum.)

Are people who use this term purposefully trying to be cute, or do they know no better?



  1. Agreed--an annoying word that also trivializes the glorious world of vegetables. Sometimes the Brits say "veg," which I don't like a lot better--but it *is* better.

  2. I bet no one had to tell Euell to eat all his veggies.