Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Imge Fulgurator

This fascinating device Imge Fulgurator manipulates the reality of people's snapshots. Basically it detects another camera's flash and puts whatever image or text the prankster (or artist) chooses. Watch the video if you don't understand German. It will make sense.


  1. Ive seen the so-called Fulgurator when it won its prize at ARS Electronica. Its total crap. The most interesting thing it reveals is the how little people understand technology. Even as Julius Von Bismarck was attempting to demonstrate it live, he had to ask members in the audience not to use their cameras as the flashes would stop it working. His well-practiced girlfriend managed to eventually capture an image which had been modified. Another intersting point is that the 'fulgurated' image of Obama which is being touted to support his 'Guerilla' tactics never turned up anywhere in the press.. could it be that no-one elses images were manipulated?
    The 'device' is dependant on so many variables: Timing, recharge of flash unit, direction of sensor, exposure time of 'target camera', the fact that it needs to be dark... the list goes on.
    Julius Von Bismarck (of Otto fame) claims he is going to patent his technology - well, sorry Julius, Cameras, Flash Bulbs, Projectors and Light Sensors are all patented.
    I fail to understand why this is groundbreaking since it is basically a projector...and one that doesnt work very well either.
    I have an invention too... it draws temporary graffiti on buidlings by stealth... its called 'OHP-Inside-A-Wig'.

  2. Ah, too bad it doesn't work.