Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Travel Easy

Travel Easy, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Another week and more travel. I caught these 3 in the Detroit airport last Sunday, I think. I assume he must have been traveling from the Middle East. His girl was absorbed in her People magazine and tried to get him to look at it. He ignored her. Her mother (or perhaps his) looked nervous the entire time. Perhaps all is not well in the relationship.

I fly out again tomorrow morning. Perhaps another relationship tableaux will be in the offing as I travel to the heart of the Middle South.


  1. Why the hell are you flying all over creation? You _know_ how I hate that.

  2. so how exactly did you unobtrusively take this photo? On several occasions I've wanted to take photos of strangers but I always (re7me8ber a78u--that was from my cat pawing my keyboard) remember a time in Spain when I took a photo of a door to door knife shar (877777777777777
    ']]--damn cat) pener. He started yelling, cussing and brandishing his knives. Very scary. Of course I was branded as an american spy in my mormon missionary tie and suit. Yet you take picture of military personnel--I'm impressed.

  3. Camera phones are great for that, CI. Great cat action you have going on there.