Wednesday, November 22, 2006

D-News Drives Hard in the Lane with an Easy Pronoun Antecedent Play, Shoots under the Basket, and Misses!

"AND FINALLY: A perhaps-telling quote from Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, on injuries: 'Last year, we had so many injuries I think guys prayed they're going to get hurt. That's what happens. The more you play that way the more you get hurt.' ( | Jazz feeling love from national media)
So the Jazz players were praying that they would get hurt or players from other teams were praying that the Jazz players get hurt? What way are they playing? Religiously, complete with prayers? Why, pray tell, is this a telling quotation? (Quote is a verb not at noun, god damn you.)

Thanks once again, crack Deseret News sports editing team for making things crystal clear.

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  1. One thing's for sure. This Millsap kid is going to help you guys tremendously during the many, many, many times Kirilenko sits out due to injury.