Friday, November 03, 2006

Ode fragment for Swamp Crotch AZ

The Jazz did show up
As young as they are
And proceeded to wipe
The floor of poor Phoenix
As old as they are
Nash Nash the gnashing
of the Teeth

One O eight.
Down fifteen at one point
And then back to win
What do you know?

We'll leave it at that.


    -Wilhelm, Wilhelm you jump with glee
    -The Jazz have won, in the desert, you see
    -The blocks, the boards, the crisp, clean passes
    -I'm still quite shocked, they gave the Suns their asses
    -But a smart fan knows, there are still eighty more games
    -Plenty of time, to watch your season go up in flames
    -So rejoice Jazz fans, this is your time to stand and cheer
    -But the Suns' fans know, are time is at the END of the year!

    p.s. Don't get me wrong, the Jazz are my 2nd favorite team. When I lived there, I was able to go to a bunch of playoff games, as well as one of the finals games against the Bulls in '97. But, if Barbosa hit his @#*&?!&'n layup, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

  2. * our - in the last stanza

  3. Woo hoo: yours even rhymes, SC.

    And Phoenix is my second favorite team. I agee about Barbosa.

  4. Nash, Nash, the gnashing of the teeth

    is a great line. Reminds me of that one guy, Vachel Lindsay.