Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sleeping in and other accomplishments

I awoke this morning and looked at my clock as usual, and felt a great sense of accomplishment since the clock said it was 8:53. My accomplishment, as small as it might seem, was to actually sleep past 8:00 am on a weekend: you see I just don't sleep in any more--despite my most diligent efforts to do so. I suppose this is just conditioning on having to get up early each day for work, and I've just not been able to break the habbit in the two days that I have off. I prefer not to admit that I am edging my way to becoming one of those ancient crones who wake up at 4 am and go walk in the mall. I prefer to think that given enough time I could break this terrible habbit of waking up early and get back to a more respectable rising time of say 11:25.

Imagine my disappointment and diminishing self-worth when upon listening to the morning news I was reminded that daylight savings time had gone into force.


  1. I call sleeping in any amount of sleep where I wake up with a slightly stiff back. Usually, that means between 7.5 and 8 hrs. Sad commentary.

    The DST did produce an amazing day where the light lasted lo-ong. I feel summer coming right up.

  2. I would let the early rising thing go and concentrate your energy on not growing ear hair and leaking smells.

  3. It turns out Cordelia's confusion was about how my clock was set ahead: I have one of those fancy clocks that knows when it is Daylight savings time or not. It knows which way the wind blows, you see.