Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bah dum dum

Finally a site dedicated to videos worse than mine!

Actually my videos are far, far worse than most posted on the site and splideo has been around for a while. The kind folks there wade through hours of the worst of Google Video to bring you the top of the worst. I was quite happy, however, to find the site and fritter away my early morning after a 5 am Saturday morning wake up (don't ask) viewing their selections. I think my favorites listed on the site so far are "Huge Japanese Orange" and "Kids with Guns." HJO is my kind of film: well-meaing but completely pointless. KWG is just plain messed up. I want to make use of it in my next feature.

Shouldn't there be a film festival for all us absolutely wretched amateur videographers out there? Just imagine: ham acting workshops and seminars on "how to really fuck up your poorly conceived idea." M. Night Shyamalan could lead them all.


  1. Sometimes it's nice to view the lowest of the low, if only to make wookie movies seem brilliant by comparison. Not that they aren't brilliant to begin with.

  2. You can diss on Shyamalan all you want, but he is cool enough to include his wretched home video shorts on all of his DVD releases. Or maybe that is what you are referring to.

  3. That is indeed what I am referring to; well that and his crappy movies. Just kidding. I think Unbreakable is a masterpiece.

  4. I too love Unbreakable.

    I am going to take SigNo's advice (given to me earlier this week) and take the teeny little scrap of footage of my granddaughter saying "Dammit!" and make it my first feature. Featurette? Featurina? So what I'm saying is, count me in on the festival, if we have it.

  5. My favorite was "Stoner Eats a Whole Grande Meal."

  6. Hmm, a chance to share a series of my disconnected thoughts:

    I used to work with a guy that overacted even in the photos we took for instructional pictures. We could never use any he was in because they were beyond cheesy.

    He would be excellent to lead one of your workshops.

    As much as I love cheesy, home-made movies and special effects that involve a string, I have a horror of child actors because they usually demonstrate that hideous acting-class-method of acting. *shudder*