Thursday, April 27, 2006


I think I've found the coolest place on earth: Tristan da Cunha. Note the place names, and the names of their creeks and bays. has a podcast about the island. About 300 folks live on the island. It is located somewhere in the South Atlantic between South America and Africa. They have one TV channel and 2 phones and one Internet connection on the whole island. You can eat all the lobster you want for next to nothing. There is no crime and everyone has a job and is, apparently, quite well-off and happy. For other entertainment you get gail force winds for a good part of the year and the posibilty of volcanic eruption at any moment. In 1961 when the islanders were forced off by a volcanic eruption most of them returned as quickly as possible rather than live out their lives in England.

Did I ever tell you that as a kid I would fantasize about living in remote regions of the world?


  1. So would you live in Edinburgh, or East Jew's Point?

    How did you hear about/find out about this place? I also have an island fantasy, but maybe everyone does. Remote places, absolutely. I would, of course, have to go through a radical retrenchment of all kinds of things. Luckily I already have enough clothes.

  2. I heard it about it on the Lonley Planet podcast. Its Ace.

    I think I just want to work the (po)tater patches on Tristan da Cunha.

  3. Oh I'd live on West Jew's Point. The TV reception is terrible in East Jew's Point.

  4. I dreamed of living in a castle with a moat. Is that considered an island?