Thursday, April 27, 2006

I wrote a poem called 20 class A Cigrarettes and now I can't find it or This is how I relieve Stress

Blog projects I am contemplating:

1) Threatening Wookie
Finding things that would piss off a wookie (you know like mouthy & effete droids who think they can play chess).

2) The Unecessary Lightness of Being
Exploring the works of Milan Kundera and Jimmy Hoffa.

3) Simply Read
The classics in 30 seconds with an 80's soundtrack.

4) Mr. Hammerschmidt Visits San Antonio
A travelogue about fast food, loose women, and moral rectitude.

5) Insipid
A list of some of my favorite words in context.

Can you tell I'm tired, worn-out, stressed, and overwraught?
Overwraught: that's word #2 on the Insipid blog, I think.


  1. C3PO is the robot of effete sissy boys! I can't believe I didn't think of this first.

    Question: how would the Wookie handle the Art Institute of Chicago?

  2. Owah oh oh owahhh!

    That's how.

  3. I think the blogging police are going to come after you for your fast and loose making of insipid blogs.

  4. I like Simply Read--but also think that committee meetings that last longer than 75 minutes would definitely annoy a wookkie.