Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And now for the latest in Hightouchmegastore & Dr. Write news

Congratulations are in order for Hightouch who received Salt Lake City Mayor's Artist Award for Literary Arts last Friday at the Utah Arts Festival. I was unable to attend the ceremony because of pressing camping and disc golf needs. I did, however, apologize to Hightouch and promissed that I would crow about it here. I'm looking forward to reading the outcome of that 500 pages worth of poetry you printed out the other day.

Congratulations also go out to Dr. Write, as well, who had a reading that I was also unable to attend due to the same pressing camping and disc golf needs on Friday. I did see Dr. Write on Thrusday night at the Arts Festival. We discussed the possibility of a disc golf outing, that will no doubt be documented at Disc-a-rama, just like last week's outing. The good Dr. also ran the insane Wasatch Back race the previous weekend.


  1. Aww! Thanks for the mention. I hope the disc golf was fun and that we can join you for some cool hi-jinks. (high in the canyon, and literally cool!)

  2. Thank you for the shout-out. Also hope you had a nice time in the mountains!