Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why I won't write on the Trolley Square horroshow

Dear God: 5 people senselessly killed. How many more wounded? How many more lives ruined?

Trolley Square has many fond associations for me and not just with the woman that I loved so much that my heart breaks just thinking of the time that we danced in the rain with no music, right where two people were slaughtered on a Monday evening.

I am shaken.

Bodies cast down.

Life gone.

Happiness over.


  1. This whole thing makes me wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where violence was an everyday occurrence. It makes me more horrified at all the violence that exists and that we help create in the world.

  2. Yeah. A friend of mine noted the incongruity on the front page of the paper where the killings were placed right above a picture of a bombing in the Middle East.

  3. Yes. I noticed that picture. 6 people is a lot. But 64 were killed in Baghdad. I think some violence is inevitable, but senseless, random violence reminds us that we are lucky. And that life is short, so carpe diem!

  4. I too thought of the everyday violence of places like Iraq. I do not know how they make it day to day.

    Sorry, theorris, very sorry.