Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ego surfing in the gates of hell

Woo hoo! I have a critic:

Out of curiosity, I wondered if anyone had used this phrase as inspiration for web sites, and if so, what those web sites might be like. So it was that I found and

Interestingly enough, there’s not actually anything at either domain name. Both point to other web sites. takes readers automatically to, a site that in turn directs visitors to other web sites that sell things like MP3s, MP3 players, and sheet music. takes readers to an online publication that includes a blog and several MP3s that are no longer available.

Of the two, I’d say that has more actual sound and fury (even if its sounds are gone). At least the webmaster there has something to say. signifies nothing to me. A web site ought to be a lot more than just a conduit. (Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print � Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing On The Web)

The choice of wasn't arbitrary. Basically I am punning off of "tale told by an idiot" given that I am the idiot. Ultimately, I do believe life signifying something. Macbeth is deluded because of his own bad choices and/or fate. He denies meaning to life simply because he is caught in his lie. He is stuck and can't get out.

One makes one's significance in this life. Meaning derives from intentional living.



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  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Aren't you a bit taken aback by his comment?

    And I just finished An Inconvenient Truth. I'm all for giving simple living a try.

  3. Love the new look of the site. And I must say, how gratifying, kind of, it must be to have one's site found, after all.

    And thanks for the advice, sir.

  4. To think of all the time I've spent thinking about your blog name; now all my psychological analsis is shot to hell.

  5. I am curious to hear your meditations on "Signifying nothing" CI.

    Mayhap you thought I was Macbeth?