Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What would you say if I sang out of key?

Well I'm glad that political mumbo jumbo of yesterday is over. Did I tell you how much I dislike politics? I'm dealing with a bunch of politics right now in my professional life and have developed a two-day neck ache. "What is a two-day neck ache?" you ask. It is a pain that starts deep in the middle of my right shoulder and travels up the spin to my right ear. The right side of my face seems strained by it as well. So I've found another reason to be a misanthrope: people literally are a pain in my neck.

Word of the day, in case you missed it: misanthrope. MISS-AN-THROPE. In case you don't know it means, a misanthrope a person who has a general dislike for human beings.

I've put it on Insipid. You remember Insipid, right? You should really join up.