Friday, May 26, 2006

"Not ripe for the session" or other mixed metaphors that die on the vine

Honeymoon's over, eh Jonny boy: "Salt Lake Tribune - House strikes back at governor?

The political fall-out of all this, of course, waps those who have limited capacities to help themselves literally right in the mouth:

In the end, Utahns on Medicaid and the public will end up paying the price for politics on Capitol Hill. About 40,000 elderly, blind and disabled Utahns could have gotten emergency dental care - teeth pulled and root canals, for example - with the funding. Instead, Mascaro says, they now will go to emergency rooms, seek charity care or will be treated in state prisons.
"We did not save $2 million by cutting this out of Medicaid," Mascaro said. "All we did was multiply that cost many times over and turn it over to the public to pay in catchall systems. The public is not being well-served."

So do folks really want to go back to the beggar culture that the progressive movement in the U.S. has tried to rid us of since the 1800s? Is having a place to park your fat cat Mitsubishi 3000 GT out of the snow really more important than the common good?

Sidenote: once again the Utah Legislature displays its fetish for everything automobile.

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  1. It is just amazing, isn't it, the total shamelessness of those guys. What story do they tell themselves? I just can't figure it out. The money's there, for Christ's sake.