Wednesday, May 10, 2006


See what happend when you aren't paying attention: a fellow former blogger's film (Way of the Puck) wins a Gold Remi. Congratulations, Sleepy E!

Hey! I've been busy:


  1. Where in the world are you? I need directions.

    congrats to sleepy e!

  2. I take it the neckache is gone.

  3. Thanks Orris. I am underground now but shall return soon. Thanks for the notice.

  4. I see you upgraded the sauna for a hot tub. That's super cool about "Way of the Puck". What do you think about "Way of the Disc"? We've already got a theme song.

  5. 5) Yep that's Snowbird all right.
    4) The hot tub was attached to the fifth-level condo. As for "Way of the Disc" talk to E. He's the film-guy. I bet, however, he won't want to typecast his film-makerly skillz by making another off-beat sports movie. Dah dah dum dum! Dah dah dah dee! (that's the theme song.)
    3) I sent you an email via the .mac account. I think I am being spam filtered, however.
    2) Yes the neck-ache quickly faded only to be replaced by food poisoning.
    1) See above.

  6. I tried out several hot tubs while traveling to and from SD but I don't think I ever reached the level of comfort you seem to be experiencing.