Monday, December 12, 2005

Shampoo saving measures initiated

Well I have officially given up on the Great Bearding of 2005 (not that either Mid-B (shaved out of professional necessity) or Sleepy E (shaved out of wanting to have a kissable chin for all those hoochie mamas he is meeting on rap video sets) were really participating either). I went wild with the hair chopper and went status quo with the razor. It was a rather easy job, really. Just taking the chopper and run it over the head and make sure it clips the hair evenly. Of course all of this makes the bathroom a giant fucking hair ball (particularly when you had the longish fine brown/near-black hair I had) , it gave me a good reason to clean the bathroom too. I need good reasons to clean the bathroom, generally.

I've gotten a few compliments, to which I often respond "Oh I was tired of the lice." Some people laugh. I am particularly amused at the uncertainty of those who don't.

Call me Abhaya.


  1. what happens when there's static?

  2. I'm growing the beard. I now have five days growth, which means no kissable chin and, thus, no hoochie mamas (which is probably for the best).

    But Sleepy E needs no kissable chin either. He has work to do, projects to complete. No time for hoochie mamas.

  3. I hit the hair chopper about once ever two years. The hair chopper is a good thing.

    Yes, I have shaved. It looks like it's between Picky and Kicking Bear now.

    Screw these *#(*&( projects. It's time for high-maintenance, gold-digging hoochie mamas!

  4. this picture looks a little bit like you're John Cusack playing a detective in some obscure film.

    "Where were you on the night the hair chopper went missing?"

  5. I'm not sure about the wisdom of de-hairing while it is so cold. Isn't this the kind of thing you want to do when it is hot?

    I'm disappointed in the beard wimps. I was looking for the brave one that grew his sideburns out down across the cheek into a mustache.