Thursday, December 08, 2005

Going in and out of style

  1. Four years ago today I was putting things off.
  2. Three years ago today I made beautiful Candace a tasty meal.
  3. Two years ago today I was bemoaning a Jazz loss to the cursed Lakers (pre Osterblog) and providing snow pictures of good old SLC and the good old Heber to far flung warm-climate folk. (I also apparently had figured out how to get specific links to specific dates to work, and people were actually commenting on my posts.)
  4. A year ago today, I apparently wasn't in any mood to post, but I seem to like operating systems.
  5. Today I am thinking of the past and thinking about how I am taking a break from all this bloganaciouness until the new year.

Did I actually exist Before Blogging (B.B.)? What was going on -1 B.B (2000). How about -10 B.B. (1991)? -20 B.B. (1981)? -31 B.B. (1971)? Well actually I have a good idea of what was going on all those times:

1991: hip early 20's postgrad poverty, surety, and uncertainty
1981: woeful teenage burning desire, sulleness, and fear
1971: infatile obstinance, drool, and snot (but all in joy, mind you)

I guess things don't change that much, do they?


  1. A. Wow, you've been a blogger for oh so long.
    B. If you don't blog, what will you do? [plaintively]
    C. How can you not blog when you know I will miss it so?
    D. Please blog. Please!

  2. It seems you're all Judy Blue Eyes nostalgic too.

  3. I've been contemplating a blog hiatus for a while now.

  4. thank you for describing your life in decades.

    did i ever say thanks for the espresso?


    it's gone already.

    (only kidding)

  5. hmmmm... blogalicous

  6. I like the idea viewing one's life like that. Once, while engaged in December nostalgia, I realized I'd been sick during the same week of December 4 out of the last 5 years. Kind of freaked me out.