Thursday, December 01, 2005

Seinfeldic moment, or thing #1 not to say in a job interview.

Lis and I were conducting job interviews today for our place of work. We interview together since it is nice to bounce impressions of job candidates off each other and see if those impression are accurate. In between classes we conducted a series of 4 interviews today. By the last interview Lis had slightly recovered from the migraine that came about during a previous interview. The last one was with a young guy who was pretty nervous and it affected his ability to speak coherently initially, but he managed to recover somewhat once we got to the 3 or 4th question. He still, however, seemed quite nervous throughout in that he was blushing and stammering. His answers were ok and he does show some promise.

As he stood to leave, I let him know about the hiring process and offered my hand to shake. He grasped my hand weakly, and as I thanked him for the interview he blurted out "love you!" Somewhat stunned by this unexpected statement of affection, I looked towards Melissa, and so did he, and in a awkward sort of grace to save himself from this awkward situation the young man mumbled "Love you too Melissa!" and left.

Lis and I sat in stunned silence for a couple of seconds when she said "did he say what I think he said or is it my migraine?"

"Yes," and we both burst out laughing. I only hope he was far enough down the hall not to hear us.


  1. I had a total laugh-out-loud moment myself when I read this. That kid needs a job wherein his total love of all mankind can be more immediately engaged, clearly.

  2. I'm still laughing out loud about it. And I feel terrible--because the poor kid must be mortified.

  3. I spent all night bluring out "Love you" to friends for comic effect. I can't stop laughing about it.

  4. I did something similar in an interview (for a temp job, so it didn't matter). I didn't blurt out "love you" but I think I just repeated something that someone else had just said. Or something. Maybe at the next interview you should offer free massages (by someone else, of course) just before the interviews so everyone is more relaxed. Or maybe you should get the massage.

  5. that is the funniest post I've read yet--had a very enjoyable laught with the wife.