Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Craig "The Traffic Cop" Bolerjack

With radio, there is just too much talking because you have to describe what is going on, so you're restricted on how much analysis you can make. SL Trib

So that crap that Bill Walton spews is now called analysis?


  1. Amen, my brother.

    [by the way, your code word is "hotlik," which I'm pretty sure is pornographic for something else. Maybe for "Bill Walton."]

  2. My favorite Bill Walton quote is: "Why would you not give to Shaq every single time? Every time! Why would you not?"

  3. By the way, your iPod is in Sync w/ mine at this very moment....the new Sigur Ros

  4. 1: My secret word is "kswxufj" and it sounds very dirty.

    2: Ah how Walton catches the quintessence of basketball.

    3: It somehow fits.

  5. I remembered this morning my favorite Bill Walton quote:

    [in a Lakers game, which they went on to lose]: "And that's the genius of Phil Jackson!" [you have to hear that with his pompous intonation, or you won't get the full effect]