Sunday, October 30, 2005

Haloween partyolays

Oh Yeah!
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Supposed to go to 4 different parties last night. Went to two. The Hulkster was boistrous as only the Hulkster can be. That, of course, is an annoying trait at small parties (the first) but it was mildly entertaining for me at least if not for others.

Favorite lines of the night:

"You know, Mean Gene...."
"Which little Hulkster out there is going to get the Hulk a beer?"
"Hulkamania is running wild in the streets of Salt Lake City!"

You can only imagine how annoying this would get. I loved it.


  1. well, I thought it was hilarious, even at my small party. and hey, I thought mine was supposed to be the second party of the night, the slightly less lame position? does that mean I got demoted?

  2. No it means the other party was completely removed. See this is how unlame your party was. Out of 4 it made the 2 party cut.

  3. Hey, the costumes work!! How did you think of it?

  4. The little Hulkster (aka Son) definitely enjoyed Hulkamania. He crashed as soon as we got home and slept in--all thanks to the Hulk.

  5. How did I think of it? Dunno. Wasted youth comes to mind, however.

  6. If the pictures are doing it justice, the costume was fantastic. You rock. I'm only sorry that I wasn't there to bask in its/your golden-locked presence.

  7. I'm late on this, but after hearing about the Hulkster in faculty (I'd only seen the t-shirt post) I had to come check out the full Hulkamania. That is one hell of a costume.