Thursday, October 20, 2005

I come to Minnesota and buy Homer Slippers

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The Title says it all.


  1. Cool, a Homer audience for whatever you do.

  2. Do they talk Homer to each other while you listen?

  3. ewww, Is Homer sucking on your feet?

  4. I learned last year with all my travelling that there are two absolute necessities for out-of-town travel: slippers and regular walking shoes. You need to change out of high heels (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) into tennis shoes for tourist walking. And you need slippers to keep your feet warm while you're watching bad TV in your hotel.
    Nice choice.

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I was just reading the comments from Sept. 19th about SLC AM kids TV. This stuff is bringing back a lot of fun memories. I grew up in SLC in the 60s and remember Nightmare Theater, Fireman Frank, and Captain Scotty very well. This all pre-dates Hotel Balderdash and Lighthouse 20. I'm sorry to say that I was extremely bothered by Raymond and as a result tended to leave the room when the cartoon was over...sorry Mr. LeSueur...but then again that was probably the point of Raymond. I may be mistaken, but I recall Scotty Clark was the original Captain Scotty on KCPX channel 4 on the afternoon cartoon show. He had light short hair (it might have even been a flat top) and I think he wore a lot of turtlenecks. He even lived on Green Street just off 8th south (near my childhood home on 7th east) but moved away because the neighborhood kids wouldn't let him have any peace...and that he had a heart attack and died very young around 1973. Does anyone know for sure? Another great memory is of Fireman Frank (Ron Ross, who my mother went to school with at Ogden High in the 1940s) hosting Dr. Mark Littmann from the Hansen Planetarium or the chimps Chip and Cookie from the Hogle zoo. Wasn't Ron Ross also Dr. Volapuk (at least temporarily) before Larry John? He used to do the original voice over work for the horrific intro footage to Nightmare Theater and the re-intros after commercials (Freight Outlet and Menlove Dodge Toyota...the last of the little guys!...what were 30s going for back then...about $5?!). And did Scotty Clark also have something to do with Nightmare Theater right around the time of the call letter change to KTVX when they started running the great old classic Universal flicks (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc) instead of all the old crap Godzilla vs. (fill in the blank) or Mr. Sardonicus movies? Thanks for letting me be a part of your blog. I was in the SLC radio scene for awhile in the late 70s to 1985 at B101-FM as their chief engineer, commercial traffic manager and even did copy writing and news and commercials occasionally before they were sold and became KBER. I'm now a dentist in Arizona and I truly miss those days so long ago.