Thursday, November 17, 2005

Steel Town

I posted a bunch of pictures from Pittsburgh over at Flickr.

You know Pittsburgh was named for Pitt the Elder: the British Prime Minister who along with George III pretty much created the American Revolution. (Note I refuse to use the British received term for that war "The American War of Independence." It was a revolution in terms of who gets to be in charge of government. It just took a while for it to be spread out to the people.) I note that because Pittsburgh was the frontier back in the 1700's. I sense a bit of frontiership here still, along with a lot of East Coast issues that, no doubt, permeate the country.


  1. What do you think, over all, of Pittsburg?

  2. I thought only men in Utah were called Elder.

  3. I had a Pittsburghian detractor over at Flickr who I eventually banned. He thought my pictures rather banal. Mundane this, Mr. Rude Pittsburgherite.

    PittsbugH. With a H, for hogshit.