Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More adventures in Google poetry

Over at lis's, lisa b. was commenting on the odd blogger commenting graphic password thing ("uckyovo") that lis had pop up on a recent comment she was making:
Also, if you go all Latin-roots, you've got ovo, which is egg or close to it, so you have, even in the nonsense scrambly word, misogyny. On bitter days, I've been saying of late that misogyny is hard-wired into human culture. But in the alphabet? Oh. My. God.
I tend to agree with Lisa on her bitter days (and usually on her sweet days--is that the oposite of bitter?), in that I think misogyny is engrained in our culture and our language, and it takes a great deal of effort to over come it. I think, as well, there is a link to the roles that men and women play in society as well as our roles in family. Ron of Counterinutive has recently dealt with that issue in a post entitled "Can I speak with your wife?"

With the above biases in mind, I give you my lastest Googlerific poem creating gabob. (I've modified this one, as it says to make it more poetic, whatever the hell that means). I think the poem reflects the mysoginistic biases that are out there. Basically Google poetry pulls out the most popular phrases that relate to your search terms from the web and dumps them on your doorstep. It is using the Google search engine to accomplish this and you could pretty much do the same thing (but in less poetic form) with a bare Google search.

The following phrases, therefore, are what is there and what are most popular when you type in "can I speak to your wife." I've moved them and deleted them and added the word "heart" as I have seen poetically fit, but most of the basic text is as it was returned to me. The modifications are in placement and removal of non-sensical material. Also, I chose the filler-word "heart" for various reasons--mostly because the phrases that Google produced seemed so heartless. "Heart," by the way, replaced elipses that Google poetry placed in the poem.

"Can I speak to your wife?"

Compiled 9/14/2005 5:01:28 AM GMT and poetically modified at 9:49 PM MDT

1. Simply your wife

Your wife still hasn't taken off all her pregnancy weight, and you can't remember
the last time the two of you had sex on a weekday. You're working your heart.

(If you can't stop using it no matter what, you may want to
to a psychologist.)
Or, third, you can
try to
make your wife more comfortable with your heart.

You can
certainly approach it with your wife if you think you can
have the
discussion in a way that will not harm your relationship.

Is it because she can
hardly speak
English, or does she have trouble using a fork?

Your wife should be exactly that. She should simply be your wife.

2. Guy humor

I borrow your wife...I
can't speak
for everyone but I
find myself
drawn to
bisexual women (of course).
We get online. We have fun but when
It can
be used in a sense of surprise, "Whoa! Get a load of that!

A lot of guy humor involves insulting your buddies to
prove your heart.

3. God's plan

To prevent your wife's gloating, Miss Mannerly recommends flowers. This way
you can
leave your antacid back at the office, instead of your best engineer's heart.

Love your wife sacrificially so she blooms as God planned. The purpose
of speaking the truth in love in Eph 4:15 is maturity in the one spoken to.

"Do you sodomize your wife?"
Was that asked recently of the Supreme Court Justice?
I can't speak
for Drudge, but I
turned to
the blogosphere because it's my heart.


  1. This is actually quite amazing, I think. Definitely hard-wired.

  2. This is the best yet. You are learning your medium.

  3. Let's collaborate again sometime:)