Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Disc Golf The Wilhelm Way

Along with random bits of laundry and bathroom sanitizing, I spent my labor day editing a movie about disc golf, of all things. Like most throwing sports, I have precious-little skill at it, but I rather enjoy tramping around places like Solitude (where the majority of the footage was filmed) which has a spiffy course laid out. I am particularly happy if my shoulder does not become disjointed or when I actually make par a few times.

Next week at Solitude they have a tournament. I am not entering it since I suck so mightily, but a friend is considering it. There were a few folks up on the mountain practicing for next week. You can identify them by their unique ability to actually throw the disc uphill, and their complete lack of swearing or oath-taking.

It would appear, however, that the week after that is open for our very own Wilhelm Invitational (which means if you are reading this and near enough to SLC, you are invited to participate.) Lift tickets are 6 bucks, but if you are really poor you can climb the mountain and it is all free. Be prepared to lose discs, however. And no, you cannot use paper plates.

I'll post the movie if I get around to converting it to some format that will not take you hours to download.


  1. I can't wait to see the latest Clint production.

  2. Is Wookie involved? I am intimidated by your file sizes.

  3. Nope not a wookie in sight in this one. I will see if I can get the streaming crap to work. It never does, however, so I don't hold much hope.