Thursday, September 29, 2005


Hey lis, I stand totally corrected.

Ok not totally because I know I saw a woman playing Captain Scotty at some point in Channel 20's history.

Anyway folks... the one and only RAYMOND responded to my post about the afore-mentioned Hotel Balderdash. He starred on the show with Cannonball and Harvey for several years. I was just a little kid, but I remember the show quite fondly. Ironically enough, however, I recall hating Raymond even more than I liked the show, but that was pretty much what made the show so appealing, after all. How's that for the Internet for you?

(And don't make fun of him or I'll give you such a smack.)

( Stop that, or I am so going to turn this god damned car around!)

(I told you to stop it. I'm not going to say it again.)

Shit I feel like I just got a call from Bernie Calderwood (RIP).

Man, they don't even mention Bernie's stint on Big Money Movie. My sister remebers Captain Scotty.

Where the hell are local kid shows these days?

Big Money Movie Rules!

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  1. Deseret News has a fuller obit for Bernie, whom I remember both as Captain KC and Admiral Bernie, and the movie thing, too.
    Des News