Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What in the fuck is up with all this nostalgia?

Note that I still am in need of a haircut. I told Melissa and Middlebrow yesterday that I am going for the tragically unhip look. Or at least I said something like that. I think I mentioned a crypto-retro mullet, and then explained that being a child of the 70's totally fucked up my haircut sensibilities. Despite my parents being far from aculturated into the 70s, hairstyles for their boys seem to be the exception or perhaps the concession, and by the mid-70s we were all sporting the shag. Despite pictures of me being closely-cropped (and blonde, believe it or not) as a toddler, the 70's shag is about the only hair cut that I remember as a kid. The men's hairstyles of the heart of the 70's, of course, baffled our local barber, Manny, who still had his poster from the 50's with men sporting crew cuts with the caption "Get your haircut every two weeks!"


  1. I'm waiting for the big comb in the back pocket to make a comeback. Surely I wasn't the only one that had a big comb tucked neatly into the special side pocket of my star jeans.

  2. I have noticed that polo shirts and painter pants are on the racks again, but somehow I think that the huge comb in the side pocket was a one-off never to happen again...

  3. Yeah, but maybe bring it back! Also, bring back the special side pocket. And star jeans.

    I only feel nostalgic for the seventies because I was teenager in the seventies. I don't want to be a teenager again, but doesn't everyone sort of want an idealized version of their youth, especially if it involves a big comb?