Monday, May 02, 2005

News at 11

So the egregious spending spree mentioned previously was really just buying a a pair of books at the oddly-placed and temporarily-signed Frost Books, and getting the afore-mentioned "panniers" for my bike at REI. Oh yes and a pair of new Tivas. I nearly forgot the Tivas. I have not placed the saddlebags on my bike yet, mostly because the rest of the weekend was spent from one activity to the next: walking, golfing, baseballing, and, lest I forget, the bowling. The bowling was completely on the off-chance and caused by something I can't write about now.

The books are a novel my Ha Jin I hadn't seen before Waiting and one that I have heard of from somewhere by Mark Haddon called The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time. It features an autistic narrator and I'm not necessarily sure that I buy into it completely, but Haddon is consistent in his approach to the narrative line and to the character, so it doesn't come across as completely unconvincing. After reading it, I felt a little disconnected with the world myself. It does give one pause to consider the nature of consciousness and how emotions really do effect us both mentally and physically.

So the one book is read, the rent is paid, and the school year is nearly over. I have OSX Tiger on my PowerBook, and will spend the weekend up at Snowbird in fandancy condo. All's right with the world.


  1. tsk, tsk, and you the writing teacher

  2. It is called anti-parallelism. Parallelism: the last bastian of wickedness!