Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To the left! Cha! To the right! Cha!

If I weren't traveling this year for Hallowe'en (again) I'd definitely go as Rick Astley's dance moves.

It is kind of a reverse River Dance, don't you think? What he lacks downstairs he certainly makes up for with those damn flashy hand movements.

To the left! Cha! To the right! Cha! Palms down with side to side movement for "never gonna desert you!"


As my old Irish friend Elaine said when this video came out way back when I and the world was young: "Pooooor Rick Asslay!"


  1. It just doesn't seem like that voice can come out of that body. It's like he's mouthing his daddy's record.

  2. Move over Dougie Houser, MD! Seriously, was Rick "Ass"ly (as we used to call him) 12 years old? I miss the 80s.