Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twitter Twit or Twitter Tweaker--you decided!

Given that my begrudging acceptance of twitter has developed into a full-blown micro-blogging love affair, it makes sense that while I was doing the dishes this morning, my mind turned to creative twitter projects I could engage in.

The first is one that I will probably start sometime within the week: "Twitter Haiku Challenge." Basically everything that one tweets must be 17 syllables and contain some natural imagery. Twitter really can't do line breaks very well, so it won't have to look like a haiku.

The next project is one, that I find, someone else has already done. Thank god for that, since I doubt that I would have the wherewithal to take on the twitter-guise of Henry David Thoreau and tweet Walden at you. I am still amused, however, at the thought of this tweet:
"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. LOL"
It looks like twitter Henry David doesn't quite have my sense of humor. Not a LOL or ROTFLMAO in sight.


  1. that Thoreau idea is hilarious. I laughed out loud, appropriately or inappropriately depending on your sense of irony.

    the haiku idea is awesome.

    I go through little spurts of twittering. I like it, though, and I always check out the twitter updates on people's blogs. I think I might be overwhelmed, though, if I followed very many people's tweets.

  2. I'll be sure to include you in the haiku twitter challenge, lisa b.

    I also thought it might be entertaining to tweet Pepys, summarizing his journal on the day that he wrote it with plenty of l33t-speak.

  3. I'm megastore on twitter.

    I have a twitter updates dealio on my sidebar--but my sidebar is action packed, I realize, so you have to scroll down a little bit.

    Good idea about Pepys! I think you might have the most innovative literary ideas for twitter--is there a way to monetize that? (kidding!) (or not, depending on your mood!)

    What about summarizing Ulysses on Bloomsday, twitter-wise?

  4. Pepys should definitely be spelled P33Ps in twitter. He should be all about l33t and LOLspeak.

    I really like the Ulysses idea.

    Oneline Shakespeare might also be cool.


    Hemmingway is a natch for twitter, but that might be played out.

  5. Oh and I did see a very funny Austen facebook parody a while back. It was all about the relationships and shit. Very droll.