Sunday, September 28, 2008

Throw the heizer!

Wilhelm Disc Golf Invitational 2008: Ready to Throw
Originally uploaded by Theorris

Well another Wilhelm Disc Golf Invitational has come and gone. We actually had a non-regular join us this time (Molly). She threw quite well. I had an enjoyable time, until my rhythm was rudely interrupted by an obnoxious family who had no sense of disc golf etiquette. Barbarians!

See Disc-a-rama for a few more details.


  1. I was checking out the disc golf course at Snowbasin a few weeks ago. It actually started making sense to me and looks like a good time. Still, I'm sure I've broken some golf etiquette rules while speeding past some golfers on my mt bike.

  2. Actually bikers and hikers have right of way when it comes to disc golfing. One must wait (rightfully so) for them. Clueless newbie disc golfers, however, who play through without asking (and terribly I might add) as well as linger near the basket making it impossible to play deserve all derision, especially when they get bitchy about it. In all it is a good thing that this family ended their day hearing me chew them out. Perhaps they will never return. Good. Disc golf does not need any more self-entitled morons mucking it up.

  3. So this family shoved their way through and then camped? They deserve a disk up side the head. Well, maybe they don't deserve that, but a stern talking to is order. This is disk golf after all.