Tuesday, September 16, 2008


British (and erstwhile American) author Will Self sums up the current economic fiasco quite nicely:
"If only we'd borrowed a few other important concepts from the Germans we might be better placed to weather the storm; concepts such as “social market” and a conservative belief that far from house-price inflation being a good thing, it's a bad one. But we didn't. We preferred to borrow from those so-called Masters of the Universe on Wall Street, so all we're left with is schadenfreude, anger — or in the case of the poor, outright misery." (I can only feel anger at the bankers going bust | News)
Imagine that: a world where flipping property is a trait that is to be derided and seen as economically bad instead of lauded by at least 8 cable television shows. Imagine!

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  1. When I worked at Citris, and all the servers there were getting their real estates licenses, that was a clear-cut sign of what was to come. Financial analysts should develop the server barometer to see what financial sector will go bust.
    I'm going to go safe and invest in tulip bulbs.