Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You gotta love it, baby!

Jazz!, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Remember last year when we were all excited how the Jazz actually busted out a great opening game and scored over 100? Remember how I predicted they'd definitely breeze through the second round?

Well, this is the 2007 Jazz rock prediction post:

1) The Jazz, while they will have a mid-season doldrum, will have the winningnest season since the Stockton/Malone era.
2) They will consistently score over 110 points (last year it was consistently scoring over 100.
3) They will down the Spurs and the Suns consistently.

Is this the year?

I should be so bold to say, yes.

Actually I think they will be in the Western Conference finals again. I don't think I can be so bold as to say they will win it. If they do, however, it will be theres.

In the meantime: Jazz 117 (One hundred fucking seventeen!) to Golden States' 96.


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