Thursday, October 18, 2007


The box elder bug,
An unlikely commuter,
Flutters to the door.


  1. I tried responding to this on Saturday, I think it was, but there was no word in the word verification box. Sigh. What I said was something like--"unlikely commuter"--nice!

  2. I suppose I should have haibuned it: While I was on the train, I noticed a box elder bug. It crawled across the floor and then when the door open took flight. It did not make it out before the door closed.

  3. two box elder bug tales:

    my cat/ kitten pounced on one this morning with all its prey/predator genetic material.

    my somewhat obsessive neighbor has spent *hours* this week spraying individual box elder bugs on her house and in the trees with a water/vinegar mixture--very strange. There's haiku subject.