Sunday, March 25, 2007


Some colleagues from afar agreed to split a cab to La Guardia, so I am at the airport a couple of hours early. I don't mind that, really, as all I would have ended up doing in Manhattan is worrying about when I have to get to the airport. Sunday travel sucks, and I've had enough crammed-in, close calls, to know that one needs more than the 2 hours they suggest on a Sunday--especially in a behemoth airport like this.

Yesterday I took a break in the morning from the conference I am at and went over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was there way back in the day, and it remains the same: too much to digest in 2 months let alone in the 2 hours I alloted myself. I particularly wanted to see their Roman/Greek collection, but they have been remodeling and most of their collection was behind a screen. Apparently it will re-open on April 20th. Oh well--a month too early. Basically I wandered through the museum, and finally decided to seek out their 20th century collection. It was well worth the journey (clear across the museum back in the corner) as they have a lot of Hopper, O'Keefe, Picasso (the portrait of Gertrude Stein), Rothko, and Pollock's Autumn Rhythm. I have posted pictures of people looking at the art on flickr.

I would say that the other highlight of the visit was being a hair away from several very good (and classic Rembrandts.)

It has been a fine trip over all; I think I'll come back on vacation some time. Being here for work is good and all, but the City is far too tempting to concentrate on it properly.


  1. I always regretted that I didn't go to film school at NYU. To be young and impressionable and struggling in NY seemed to be what I was needing. Now I feel it's way too late; to be older and struggling in NY isn't as appealing. Fun to visit, though, and lots of good food and good energy. Who wants to pay $2000/month for a little room? I guess that's why everyone moves out to Queens.